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November Tips Maintenance and Info

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I once read that when a car enthusiast explains their love of cars to a “normal” person, it sounds the same as someone who really loves washing machines explaining their passion. If you envision someone going on about the perfect vintage Maytag, it does seem a touch strange.  Cars can be like people. You give them love and they’ll always look after you. You respect them, and they’ll watch your back. But most of all, if you’re willing to work on them yourself, they’ll be your best friend for life.

But cars are really not like people, who were created in the image of God.   But, let me explain why so many fairly intelligent, well rounded, Bible believing people love cars so much.  If you search the web for “why do people love cars” you get thousands of opinions of why experts, the famous, and even nobody’s, like me, love cars. They expound on the virtues, the fun, the investment, the nostalgia, and even the looks of cars but no scientific facts to explain the reasoning behind loving a car. I know there are different kinds of love. Agape, the Love God has for us, Phileo the love we have for our brother, but “car love” seems to capture some of all this. For me it’s the idea of creating…like raising a kid, taking it from humble beginnings and making it better, faster, prettier and all that. Driving them hard to make sure they hold up is important to me; like making sure our kids are tough enough to handle the world. I like my cars dependable, like my friends, beautiful like my wife, and profitable like my portfolio.

So what’s the point of loving cars anyway?  Maybe you don’t love your car but just care about it enough to take care of it; a purely platonic relationship. Or maybe you find cars a necessary evil and can barely tolerate them; all these seem like relationship issues to me. I do know we must maintain our cars, and just like the people we know and care about, we must give them time and energy.  If we don’t, we can “lose” the relationship and maybe end up alone or in the case of a car, alone without transportation.

God created us for fellowship and gave us dominion over the land and things to care for. For all the important things in our life, including our cars, we must give the proper amount of “time and treasure” to keep them running.  One of my struggles is knowing the who, and the what and the when for the investment of my time and treasure.  But, thankfully I have a God who wants to help me personally in the Person of Jesus with ALL struggles. He is how George and I know the who, and the what and the when for helping others at Restoration Rides Ministry and even the WHY I am writing this today.  So be Thankful, (capital T) for everything, EVEN CARS and especially for the God who loves us.

October Tips Maintenance and Info

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My TMI for this month, was inspired by a recent purchase of a classic car by my partner here at RRM, George. He bought a very nice 1964 Corvair convertible that is turbocharged to boot!

This got me thinking about the 55 plus” classics” I have owned (or in some cases owned me) in the last 45 years of driving and buying cars. I currently have 7 under wraps waiting for restoration. But, now that I am 63, I am starting to think I may not get to all of them, which becomes a problem for many car collectors. And that is why there is an increase in car restoration shops, car shows, and classic car parts industries; now more than ever dedicated to the classics.

Many people now own a car from their past. Whether from the 40’s or 60’s or 80’s; classic car ownership may come about because a particular car or truck that reminds them of a better time in their life or fond memories that a car was part of.

This type of classic car owner has a specific purpose in mind and usually has reasonable expectations of the car with budgets, time frames, and limitations of space etc.  George is dealing with his new convertible in this fashion.

Many of the classic cars get publicity because they are owned by famous people or a lot of money was spent in their restoration; making good reading or viewing.   But, most of the classics, like George’s, are inconspicuously purchased through an ad, not a bid on a famous televised auction. They are usually driven in quiet neighborhoods; not raced at Pikes Peak or Lemans Historical Races and never cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore. They are fixed up as needed and maybe someday would get that new paint job.

There are some of us, however, like me, that have had cars that could have made us rich and famous but time, money, and the expertise kept us from realizing those dreams.  Other priorities in life derailed our keeping them. Lack of time and money kept us from finishing some. Having to sell one or three to get the nicer rarer model was also part of the game. Our type of classic car ownership involved way too much time, money, or frustrating years. Busted knuckles and bank accounts was the mark of the guy who couldn’t say no or just KNEW this one would someday be the one!

So, is one type of classic car ownership seem more reasonable than the other? Maybe, the idea of a simple classic actually completed and enjoyed has its merit. For me and some like me the searching, researching, purchasing, restoring, selling, and starting all over again is part of the fun also. I’ve had lots of sweet rides and many hair raising stories to tell about the classics I’ve owned. Maybe I’ll write about them someday….. For now all this just maybe TMI…..