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April Tips Maintenance and Information

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Does Your Car Really Need a Tune Up?

It’s spring and for us in Arizona we have already reached 90 degree temperatures. It’s also time for spring cleaning, the house, yard, garage and maybe your car. With that comes the tune up question, but do you really need one? According to most experts; cars made after 1999 almost never need one. In the “old days”, a car’s “electronics” included a battery, coil, distributor with points, spark plugs, etc. All this had to work together to keep your car running smoothly. These parts were subject to normal wear and tear and required maintenance or replacement every 12,000 miles or so, or, at least once a year.  Thus the car’s “tune up” was always an annual event.

Fortunately, today’s cars are truly electronic with computers, coils and sensors that still have to work together but are designed to last 100,000 miles or more before the dreaded “tune up” question comes up. So it seems even the term tune up has changed over the years. The best way to tell if your car needs attention is following the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule. This can be found online or through your dealer or mechanic.   However, listening and being aware of how your car is running and what your dash indicator lights are telling you is most important. If you sense a misfire, stalling, hard starting, new noises, or experience that frightful “check engine” light then it may be time for a “tune up”. Even if you follow the maintenance schedules some “100,000 mile” components can degrade or fail sending you those signals. Don’t ignore them as your car needs you to be attentive and diligent especially as it matures. So go ahead and give your car a good spring cleaning, change the fluids and filters as required and maybe a tune up too…..if it needs it.

March Addition of Tips Maintenance and Information

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This month we’ll discuss Paintless Dent Repair or PDR.  Why you ask? I just hit something the other day with my car and I have been researching how my body shop will repair it.

I had the choice (and so do you) of having the fender replaced or repaired. The replacement could have been a new Toyota part, used Toyota part, or replacement China part at a substantial savings to my insurance.  But, here is what I learned from the shop. Anytime you have to repaint a portion of your car there’s a chance for a slight mismatch with the paint. Even with a good paint match the repaired area could fade differently than the original factory paint. This, plus cost savings, is why PDR is gaining popularity.

Trained techs actually smooth and manipulate the dent using specialized tools, mirrors and lights to bring it to factory specs without damaging the paint. Of course, this only works if the paint hasn’t cracked in the damaged area.  Even minor scratches can be re-clear coated and polished out. So the next time you are involved in a minor dent situation or have door dings you’re sick of, have your dealer or shop bring in the PDR guys to give an estimate. There are pics online showing the outcome and I can tell you from experience the results are real.

We are in our nicest weather season here in Arizona and outdoor activities for me include sanding and painting my 1967 Mustang and rebuilding my son’s 1972 F100 engine.  I wish they could get just a little PDR work but unfortunately they both require full body work and paint. Maybe I’ll post some pics on our website of my progress. Stay tuned for more TMI articles coming next month. And if you have car questions or comments, give the website “a post” and we will address them in an upcoming TMI article.