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Save The Family Thanks Restoration Rides Ministry

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Restoration Rides recently received a thank-you note from Andrea of Save the Family.  She wrote, “George and Carlos, thank you for working with my client.  Having a safe and reliable vehicle is important.  We are grateful for your time and talents.  Keep up the great work. “

 At RMM, we Praise God for supplying the funds need to pay for these repairs.

Two More Success Stories

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A single mother living in a shelter is going back to school to help her prepare for a new career.  RRM was able to pay for the replacement of the harmonic balance and fuel pump on her car that was needed for the long commute.

This single mom, also living in a shelter, needed safe and reliable transportation to begin a new job.  RRM was able to pay for a cooler fan assembly needed to solve an overheating problem.

Breaking News

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Praise God!  Last month, two more cars needed for work, and owned by single mothers were repaired and put back on the road….

 Restoration Rides Ministry displays their banner at the 14th Annual Motorsports Day at Arizona Community Church.  Last Saturday we had the opportunity to greet spectators that attended the show and answer questions about our ministry.  We received many favorable comments such as, “What a great idea, this is really needed”; “There is a great need for this kind of help, thank you for your ministry”.  We had a great time and look forward to attending more shows like this.  Thank you, Arizona Community Church for allowing us to join your celebration.