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Restoration Rides Ministry’s 2013 Annual Report

// February 6th, 2014 // No Comments » // Success Stories, Updates

Restoration Rides Ministry completed a successful year despite a drop in revenue.   We are grateful for the support we received which allows us to provide safe and reliable transportation to families in need.

Ten automobiles were repaired in 2013, representing 4 two parent and 6 single parent families.  In all, 24 children were included in the families we served.

For a complete report please contact George Johnson at 602-400-9995 or email at

Since RRM is a tax exempt organization all cash donations and proceeds from donated cars are tax deductible.  We provide receipts on all donations for tax related purposes.

Restoration Rides Ministry Receives $2,000 Grant

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The Mission Endowment Committee from Desert Cross Lutheran Church located in Tempe recently awarded a $2,000 grant to Restoration Rides Ministry.   We are grateful for this generous gift that will go directly to the repair of automobiles for families in need of safe and reliable transportation.  We thank God for your support.

Four More Family Cars Receive Repairs

// November 19th, 2012 // No Comments » // Success Stories, Updates

Since August, Restoration Rides Ministry has been able to repair four more family cars spending a total of $2,057.  Struts, fan belts, ignition coil, oil gaskets, and control arms were replaced and brakes repaired to put the the cars back on the road safely.  Praise God for the money to meet these critical needs in the lives of families getting back on their feet.


Six New Families Helped With Car Repairs….

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Over the past four months, Restoration Rides Ministry has been able to help six families in need of car repairs.  A total of $3,176 was spent on belts, motor mounts, oil leaks, brakes and water pumps to put families back in safe and reliable cars.   These families are in transition, and a working car is critical to meeting their work, school and medical transportation needs. 

Praise God for supplying the money to pay for these repairs…….


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Arizona Senator Steve Yarbrough (R-Dist. 21)  Instrumental  In Law Change for Restoration Rides Ministry

We anticipated using the non-profit car donor program to help with fund raising, only to find out that an Arizona law prevented non-profits from selling cars during their first five years of operation.  This was disappointing news to us so we contacted Senator Steve Yarbrough’s office for help.  They immediately  went to work researching the law and determined that it had been drafted many years ago and indicated that revising the law was a possibility. (more…)